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Ununennium Is the 119th Element of the Periodic Table

Since the creation of technetium in 1936, synthetic elements have become popular in laboratories. Particle accelerators and nuclear reactors became popular laboratory equipment for creating synthetic elements. Scientists have been constantly shooting protons into nuclei and dropping bombs to make new elements. Recently, the 119th element-ununennium-was created by scientists. Ununennium, also known as eka-francium, has 119 protons, giving it an atomic number of 119. It has been made in two separate ways so far. The 1st way was when an einsteinium-254 atom smashed into a calcium-40 atom to create an ununennium-302 atom in California. The 2nd way was when German scientists took a berkelium-249 atom and smashed it into a titanium-50 to create an ununennium-295 atom, in one reaction, and an ununennium-296 atom, in the other reaction. Other forms of ununennium are still being created. For scientists, 119 just might be a new lucky number.


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